Thank you in advance for your time and expertise! Remove and check the photo black ink cart and blot it on a paper towel. Can you send me the steps I need to go through to fix this? The difference is “I know how to test it and I know what kind of trouble to look for and I know how to put it into “Service Mode” and examine the print from every nozzle. Yesterday the streaking started again, rinsed , reinstalled, no help, rinsed the head again, this time, the nozzle check printed nothing for the pgbk portion of the test, check ink levels all fine.

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When your printer does a cleaning or mmp530 cycle it does not feed any paper. Nozzle test print for PGBK is completely blank all other colors look fine. The smudging occurs when feeding paper from either feed tray.

I’ve probably had this printer for 5 years, have shipped it cross-country and across the Atlantic and back when I was stationed overseas I love this printer and I am pretty handy, I just don’t want to start taking this thing apart without some directions. I have thoroughly cleaned the printhead and could use help with diagnostics to determine if I should disassemble and rehab the purge unit. Professional Tips Professional Tips. The color inks flushed out quickly, but the pigmented black ink pringer some time.


First off I had an error which required the replacement of the print head which I have just done. I have no problems with disassembling and cleaning it but have no diagrams or manuals. You must do it today as I leave for vacation tomorrow.

The ‘Nozzle Check’ shows no black grid pattern at all, while the 6 color bars below are in line patterns. First you should try and isolate where the problem is before you think about taking it apart.

Used the cleaning utilities, no change, problem remains. A bit of alcohol cupe a Q-tip seemed to dissolve the dried ink, but I couldn’t be sure. View All Social Media.

I have tried cleaning the heads and running cleaning cycles both standard and deep cleaning to no avail. View All Business Services.

PIXMA MP530 Support

Color printing is faint. I’ve had to fix several of them clogged the same way. I will send you more details once you reply to my email. I also pribter an MP given to me by a friend, ostensibly for parts.


If you learn how to take care of it these problems won’t come up. Don’t know if this indicates any sort of damage?

You added some ink and that may last a little while and it may have even closed the vacuum loop between the printhead and the ink carts. I was not in a good mood. I just wanted to chime in here that my MX is experiencing a similar issue. He has now learned how to keep his printer in top condition and watch for signs of trouble. Well so far you have done a great job. I am moving to a laser printer.

Canon MP won’t print black | FixYourOwnPrinter

So if you never turn the unit off the electronics stay at some allowable maximum temperature. Contact Support Contact Support.

You didn’t finish the job when you had it all apart. Anyway I resolved my problem. I have done some cleaning cycles and still nothing. I will look for your note.