Click on Finish to end the installa- tion. Go to the General tab and you will be able to change the configuration settings ac- cording to how you hold the pen and the direction which you want to scan. The best input and translation device Connects to the USB port and bundle in a 3 in 1 function of scan, recognition and translation Multiple language recognition system Recognize Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Hong Kong characters, English and Japanese languages. This is usu- ally left as default. Computing price in Pakistan Scanners price in Pakistan. Click Next to continue.

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When you set the option to Right-hand, you will need to scan with the button on the pen facing away from you. In the result box, click on the incorrectly recognized character ‘fn and a window will pop up listing possible characters. Click on m 2.

Please enter your city. Click Next to continue. Character Split On the contrary, when the strokes in 2 characters are too close to each other, they may be recognized together as 1 character. You can also start the translator from the Penpower Mini Scaneye icon on your taskbar. Chapter 3 Character Input 3. In the top left hand corner, input the text to be translated and explained in the field and click on to translate.


In the result box, highlight the characters. If the computer does not auto-run the cd, you can go to D: Click OK to apply the new settings.

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All scan results will directly transfer to the desired application. This is a temporary stor- age area for your scanning results. Deleting unwanted characters 1. You can perform the translation phrase by phrase, or choose to have the translation done to the whole paragraph at one time.

Character Combination When the strokes in a character are distanced too far from one another, they are usually recognised as different characters rather than 1 character. As per the illustration, the character has been recognized incorrectly. Mni the destination folder to install the software.

Click on the Mini Scaneye icon in your taskbar and go to Settings. The character split function can be used to split the strokes into 2 separate characters. Balloon Interface With its Balloon interface, offers you a non-interference environment. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Scan away effortlessly with its transparent scan tip. You can translate between Chinese and English by word, phrases or whole sentences and it will show both Traditional and Simplified Chinese characters in pop-up translation window.


A brand new ergonomic design Provide a comfortable handle which fits all left scaneyd right-handed mkni.

Hitting Enter will usually let the system complete the word and translation for you. Go to the Property tab and choose your desired text direction under Orientation. If you did not insert the Penpower Mini Scaneye cd, Windows will not be able to find the driver.

Mini Scan Eye

Let you input or translate easily and quickly. Windows will report it finds a driver and you can click Next to continue installing the driver. Let you Learn Chinese anytime anywhere. Chapter 3 Character Input 1. The result will scaneyd displayed in the frame below. Click on Finish to end the installa- tion. Features A brand new ergonomic design Comfortable handle fits left and right-handed users.