Microsensys keeps Intellectual Property in-house. That’s another speciality of Microsensys. Follow us on www. The team of Microsensys manufactures ten to 50 prototypes of a series on it’s own. Follow us on www. We look forward to meet you!

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You need JavaScript enabled to view it. With up to eight antennas ready for industry 4.

Miniaturized Sensor and RFID Solutions by Microsensys

The core competencies of our highly qualified development team are sensor integration and miniaturisation, as well as special packaging and tailor-made product designs. We produce everything in-house, up to complete packaging. Using out automatic insertion machine we’re even able to produce small series.

Each kit contains drivers, software tools and extensive sample codes, as well as information on the individual products and optimum handling. More than 25 years of experience in the RFID market and a wide variety of completed RFID projects in various industries, as well as manufacturing our own products in Germany, give microsensys the ability to respond very flexibly to specific customer requirements.

RFID controls autoclave temperature during steam sterilisation! It shows the current spectrum of our work in a Amount of direct business increases The solutions from Erfurt are requested by various sectors.


In other cases products require further adaption. The options for integrating modern RFID technology into existing processes in order to optimize them are countless.

From development to transponder and reader manufacturing – all fields of production which enable to produce the wide range of products are located at the Microsensys headquarters.

The company’s core competencies include product qualification for special customer requirements. Microsensyw modified on Monday, 12 August Last modified on Friday, 07 April However if customers have special application requirements, we include those into planning and realize them in our production rooms.

Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your planned RFID application. We dispose of a comprehensive standard portfolio.

RFID for small animals For bee colonies to stay populated. More in this category: Follow us on www. From human medical implants to logistics — RFID and sensors change the world.

Further partners are soon to be selling Microsensys products nationally and internationally.

Founded in in Erfurt, microsensys became the market leader for specialized RFID system solutions based on a wide standard product range and operates primarily in niche markets worldwide.


This gives interested parties the opportunity to get to know the RFID technology of microsensys quickly and easily. Microsensys keeps Intellectual Property in-house.

RFID based solutions are available for maintenance, transport and logistics, facility management, automotive and manufacturing, pharma and healthcare, and many more. Especially custom developments require the expertise from more than 20 years of experience.

Miniaturized Sensor and RFID Solutions by Microsensys

That is a major competitive factor for the company which it will further invest in: Microsensys realizes all products at the seat in Erfurt, from idea to implementation.

Teamwork is absolutely crucial microsesnys project new systems. Whether reader or transponder, we develop, plan and manufacture everything at our offices. If we receive a new order, we manufacture the product here, partially we also assemble circuit boards.

That’s another speciality of Microsensys.