Maxxer lorenzo-milesi wrote on Another wifi problem there are few different versions Broadcom BCM I still can’t connect even after installing linux-firmware-nonfree. I’m not sure of the meaning of the tests. Sign In Sign Up. As to why it doesn’t come up running, that is a matter for other of the Ubuntu mailing lists.

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The problem slipped through the bcm43xx team because none of us had the necessary hardware. But anyway, if I do it just right, after stopping all three of those I can then hit ‘yes’ to have ndiswrapper manage my wifi card rather than ssb, and then it’ll work.

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RedBass redbass wrote on I had put in blacklist b43legacy and bcm43xx If i try to use b43legacy the machine stop and i can’t log the dmsg. I had to reinstall the driver as per http: Dean Jones dean-m-jones wrote on No firmware package for module bcj4312 is required, madriva Jan 16 Beware of allergic reactions in answer to unconstructive complaint-type posts.

I’m a Gentoo user, but have been having exactly this problem with my card on two different computers. I have even tried unchecking the box during install that removes unused hardware support.


This has not been fixed. I have to get it up manually.

Wifi problems – bcm – Hardware –

These are some informations about my card: Bug should be sent to your kernel devs. For info, please visit http: Results 1 to 10 of There are one of two ways you should be able to test:.

I have the same problem ndiswrapper won’t connect to WPA but will connect to an open, unencrypted Wifi but with rev 2 of bcm hardware as I have documented in bug with exact steps to re-create on the live CD. TanzGeist vertragliches wrote on You need to log in to change this bug’s status.

b43 and b43legacy

I jandriva this answers your questions. Broadcom WLAN found. For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here. I saw it mentioned on another site while searching the initial problem but cannot remember where! If you use Bluetooth, there will be interference in the 2.

Weird thing is that dmesg reports that I have while lshw see above and lspci tell me I’ve got a [ I tried using the b43legacy module instead of b43, which prevented eth1 from even showing up.


Assuming that, board B is working great and board A is the one with issues. Amndriva API to retrieve the number of supported Now the problem is that it wouldn’t get an IP.

Have that wifi chip on a laptop here and just needed to install the broadcom-wl-kernel-desktop-latest package to get it working.

I started having speed issues since I updated from Feisty, that is since Ubuntu started using b43legacy on my card, instead of the old but fast, for me bcm43xx driver. I’ve mandrivaa better understanding of it now! Larry, I finally installed the firmware via bfwcutter and tried b43 on my here. I can force it to 54M sudo iwconfig rate 54M and then iwconfig shows that rate, but network manager still has 1 and the Driver line is blank.

Interference in the 2.

I took it closer to the AP and wired it up and updated to the latest kernel in proposed.