I got about 4 years or more usage out of my old one, refilling cartridges regularly until the thing just “died” of old age. I changed the firewall settings as follows: I removed it and taped the small microswitch in the nc position and got rid of the error. Just try to put used cartridge around cartridges. Maybe you have a different series than I do, but I read your thread, bought a 32 and my X knows it is the wrong cartridge and will not work. Copying Using The Computer It wouldn’t work, kept getting same message as you, “incorrect cartridge”.

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There’s no actual way it’s out. The ink would be used as a conductor to pass the voltage. So I tried deleting the folder and now I can use the cartridge it just shows in the picture of ink level as being near empty all the time.

I say “not working” because the Black cart can have ink, but the Lexmark printer firmware tells the printer to not use that cart. Is there any way to test chip in cartridge to find out what type it is? I cant believe Lexnark missed that! It is possible to put a micro switch with 2 positions: Lexmark isn’t alone in this deceptive practice. Good for you in staying on it!


The rest is just a bunch of files. Just life a latch and the printhead is out! Here is a link to refilling lexmark 15 http: I was dumb enough to contact Lexmark about the problem and have just 25000x their reply, short and rude.

Lexmark Using Inkjet Cartridge Chips AND Spyware?

Got the “out of original ink” hit close. So in actuality, you were just wasting color ink; or at least that’s how it would work out for my printer. But more importantly to make sure that those who purchase Lexmark printers know of this so that they do not attempt to cut corners and refill their cartridges and run the risk of their printer shutting down.

I have a LOT of ink. Opening Print Properties Cleaning The Print Cartridge Nozzles In most scenarios that is I repeated this 10 times in a row. You have to use their cartridges or you can’t use their printers and they have become increasingly more adept at making it very difficult to refill their cartridges.

Now I find out they purposely tricked me into buying this stupid peice of crap so they can butt-rape me on the refill cartridges! I read that a while back lexmark won some kind of lawsuit and that they starting putting some sort of protection scheme in their cartridges.


Lexmark 2500 – X Color Inkjet Manuals

Thanks again for your posting. I hope this isn’t too long Using The Print Properties Tabs Just tell it not to warn you about low ink levels. OK I hope someone gets some help from this? Working With Photos Their cartridges are pretty easy to refill.

Lexmark Using Inkjet Cartridge Chips AND Spyware? | FixYourOwnPrinter

At any rate, I took the color cartidge apart, and it was not even empty. Wow, after all the advice given, I refiled my “28” cartridge drilled a hole through top side of it and filled it with ink took your advice and presto, this time when I stuck it in my Lexmark X it worked.

I also have a clean w2k installation waiting to receive the X printer. Using The Toolbar After a 2500xx pages printed, the printer said the carts. I can’t solder or even see good enough to know where to put the tape.