And no bay battery, just CD drive. What is interesting is that it installed in a folder called DAQPro which has a similarity to daqcard. Long time ThinkPad user: Didn’t occur to me that that might be a possibility Message 5 of Now that Lenovo released new driver i am all good.

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See our Sustainability Report. Message 10 of It is SU version. Message 7 of I have window 8.

Second-hand thinkpad x301 owner’s thread.

However, only a Win 7 version exists which can not be used under Win 8, making this “problem” unsolvable. Share This Page Tweet.

It was a long time ago that I worked with someone for finding this missing driver to eliminate the yellow exclamation mark error on the device. Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions.

Having said that, I was able to install most of the drivers so far by using the device manager. Brightness display will still not be available though since you need the modified lenovo graphics driver.


My gripes are screen quality the viewing angle becomes a problem when presenting without a projector to a group of 3 or more people and the batteries are much more expensive than other Thinkpad series.

PCI Serial Port & PCI Simple Communications Controller – Thinkpads Forum

Thanks X, I’ve managed to install most of the drivers: Message 1 of 8. The OS is Windows 7 x64 Professional. What Notebook Should I Buy?

This website uses cookies. The reason why there is no on screen display for volume and brightness is because lenovo removed it from the driver. Monday, May ccontroller, If you are referring to the power manager software, I’m using the version 6. If you will just do one thing, we can resolve the problem easily.

Main battery looks far too smal for cells, also no idea about bay battery as I don’t even have one yet. Forgot my lenovo login password, how to rest? ZyXELisJun 26, Also, do you guys know what cells are in these batteries?


I’m unable to find popular Lycom STm Adaptor in reasonable price and shipping. Actually it makes quite ‘to do’ list already: Hello again, sorry for double post.

I have also heard you can fix this with RMClock: Register Sign In Help. Mine just says “ML: Can anyone tell me where to get this missing driver?

Second-hand thinkpad x owner’s thread. | Page 39 | NotebookReview

All my issues are now resolved. I have just inherited a Lenovo computer from my stepson who has gone abroad to work. A lot of fooling lsnovo.