I’ve been playing around with the i1 Pro and I’m not sure if what I’ve run into is a limitation of software or hardware I suspect it’s actually a little bit of both but shadow detail is one are I’m particular picky about and I haven’t been able to build a profile yet that really makes me happy. Here’s the macro code I have so far:. Do you know where I can find those document? On Thursday Dec 1st at Sure as heck beats manually dragging an i1 Pro by hand. Change tiptext and statustext at runtime. Quote The DB25 to mini din powered adapter is required to run the Lino by itself.

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It seems to be working just fine, it’s just not in the right place.

AutoDesSys Forums: Form-Z to Itedo ISO-draw (CAD process)

We use the Spectroscan, iCColor, and iSis for the vast majority of our profiling measurements. For some reason I didn’t see your isoddraw post which explains things more.

I’d like to check out Monaco Profiler as well to see if it might offer any advantages. Doing manual edits on a 4 digit text number but noticed when I call up the Object info that the name shows the previous text. The power adapter appears to enable longer cabling runs. Not a big deal. The purpose of the Ddongle is to modify the current ‘object information’. How do I create the possibility to record the count for every hotspot that is used?


There will also be vertical solution demonstrations, the usual mix isidraw technical developer sessions and introductions to industry partner offerings for managers and technicians alike. I am getting stuck here.

Why does Selecting elements not stick in Arbortext editor 6. Below Image is screenshot of my arbortext editor.

I tried this code. Once the count exists how can the macro automatically add an ‘ a ‘ to the 2nd Iteration, a ‘ b ‘ for the 3rd, a ‘ c donglle for the 4th and so on This connection works fine at or maybe baud, but only when the powered adapter is in place. Multiple hotspots, different ID’s. Wrap text in a rotated cell. The agenda for the event will be focused around many aspects of document delivery and have sessions on new features and product roadmaps in the Arbortext suite including APP, Styler and PE.

I need to add additional Party Tag into the content through a java program. Claim or contact us about this channel. APP World User event Is it wrong that I actually find the sound of the Spectroscan table to be relaxing?


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Before I can hit the delete key, the text has become unselected. Do you know where I can find those document? You get what you get.

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Here’s the macro code I have so far:. I’m off to the studio to go play. Also, the Spectrolino could only be used when driven through the Spectroscan table.

When I try it again with the application still running I get: Who can help me, and give me a quickly guide to use this software. When I do a Object info it still shows in the name. Contact us about this article. Out of curiosity have you guys had any ispdraw with the Barbieri Electronics Spectro Swing? We have a problem though that image formats don’t allow our watermark to be seen through them.

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