Umm could you tell me a real sample about this?? Ill try to speak with him about this questions Sep 18, 4: However it will cause trouble for off-line programming. Part and Inventory Search.

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My prog able to detect A, but will give error during half way downloading the program.

The design of the hardware is open and free of charge for the people who have their own PCB production facilities. Forum Themes Elegant Mobile. So you are saying that Winpic is not open source.

See on-line help for this warning for more information. I change the 2 BC transistor and the capacitors, then it works nicely.

GTP-USB-Lite Programmer re-flsahed as USBPICProg – Oakkar7, another Blog

It is perfectly okay to keep it closed source. Do anyone else face this problem and can solve it? Hi J1M, Thanks for the reply. Thanks for the answer. Part and Inventory Search. Originally Posted by simplicio.


The time now is Click OK to continue programming or click Cancel to cancel the programming operation.

GTP USB PIC PROGRAMMER (Open Source) using PIC18F252

Radiation Detection Circuit 1. I will post some experiences when i make one for me. If your code makes use of port pins that correspond to Clock and Data pins in programming mode, you may not prorgammer able to reprogram your device. Hi xiaofan I think I have bad news Sep 18, 3: Taking resistor technology beyond RoHS.

Do you could send me for email the code. Winpic seems to be the best software for JDM type uusb other simple programmers. It is very stranged that ICD2 does not do this right! Para programar este PIC os recomiendo montar el programador de ART, es sencillo y rapido de realizar, podeis encontrarlo en esta web: Ussb J1M, It is not a bug per se. Dec 248: I am actually very interested in the dsPIC support part.


GTP USB programmer Circuit – Electronics Projects Circuits

However it will cause trouble for off-line programming. PIC programmer – which is the best? After this problem, i can not detect anyone, I need to unplug and replug again, so that I can detect ftp for that PIC. S Regards, J1M If that code makes use of port pins that correspond to Clock and Data pins in programming mode, there is a chance their values may not be 0, as necessary to enter programming mode. Sep 18, 4: Hi J1M, Thanks for the clarification.

Heat sinks, Part 2: How do i check whether an I2C device works?