The Win32 tracer supported trace to a debug monitor, to a file, and to a message box. It accumulates the total time spent, as well as minimum and maximum times, in static structures. I’ve also found that NtUnloadDriver checks this value to determine if the driver can be unloaded. NT3 has not it at all. GetModuleHandle for ntoskrnl is going to fail because it’s not loaded into your memory space. In some rare cases it may fail if the tracer cannot find the executable file or the file was modified after the driver was loaded.

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Tracing NT Kernel-Mode Calls

When looking for ntoskrnl. In the interceptor, it would be necessary to search the list to locate the name of the calling module. The launcher application remains similar, but the former interceptor DLL is now repackaged as a driver.

DLL from my device driver. The GetModuleHandle function returns a handle to a mapped module without kerneel its reference count. This technique shall work under all NT- and 9x-compatible OSes, in both kernel- and user-modes in and bit addressing modes. Magic of disappearing 9. The biggest stack consumption comes from local text buffers and related structures, which the tracer creates in order to print the function name and its parameters. For more information, see LoadLibraryEx.

Windows NT Kernel mode GetModuleHandle

One of them is trace. The tracer should dump the buffer to a file at the end of the session. I used these measurements inside the interceptor routines as well as from a separate test driver. When the message box is dismissed by the user, kerbel application will terminate the driver and, optionally, unregister it.


c++ – Using a windows kernal function via GetModuleHandle – Stack Overflow

The module must have been loaded by the calling process. Do not forget, that when you write code for getting address of imported function like this: Moed tracer is not able to print getmodulejandle passed as function parameters.

Unless the driver uses some tricks to get the address of the function from another module, the tracer will be able to restore all replaced addresses. I made some enhancements in several modules while dropping COM-specific functionality.

Do not forget, that when you write code for getting address of imported function like kenrel. If we start from address of DbgPrint and get to module which doesn’t export such function, somethig goes wrong.

If you post a reply, kindly refrain from emailing it, too. Tracing lets you record and analyze system behavior over time, and a variety of tracing tools exist for Windows programmers: I tell this to show, that there is no universal solution and you must be careful when using described getmoculehandle.

Address of the first valid header would ModuleHandle of required module. When we alredy think, that ModuleHandle is in our hands, it would be nice to check, that this module actually exports the function we have started from.


Win32 API spies allocate private stacks for each thread and store them in thread local storage. Top Kernel mode equivelent of GetModuleHandle?

GetModuleHandleA function

The scan codes are: Thanks to Rick Papo for information. The first obstacle to developing the kernel tracer was the lack of a documented way to enumerate modules.

It may be possible to combine the kernel tracer presented here with the system-call hooking published by Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell and the detours technology designed by Galen Hunt and Doug Brubacher. The interceptor also uses these private stacks to store pointers to output parameters of the function, to print them after the function returns. We obtain list of loaded modules, walk through it looking for required name and parse its export section.

The interceptor component, packaged as a kernel-mode driver, reads the binary configuration file, prepared by the application. If the tracer replaces the exported addresses, then all new drivers will receive the substituted addresses automatically. PA sales tax on computing 7.

To receive control after the target function returns, the spy replaces the return address with its own interceptor routine and stores the original address modd its own stack.