Miscellaneous Rack Mounting Kit. The small ring on the paper guide slides onto the corresponding prong on the paper deflector. Turn the white ribbon-locking lever clockwise to the LOAD position. This option designates the hex value for the desired graphic control character in QMS emulation. Aligning the edge of the paper with the mark labeled 1.

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Paper J am The paper motion sensor has sensed no paper movement. Place the paper onto the pins of the upper left tractor and close the tractor door. Use the following procedures for setting the form length: The Complete option will reset all interface, all formats and all emulations settings gneicom factory default settings.

Depressing the right arrow pushbutton moves geniccom cursor from Lay the V-shaped paper stacking aid on the shelf between the wickets. The higher the number the larger the print gap.

Genicom Line Matrix – printer – monochrome – line-matrix Overview – CNET

Press the Clear, or A option. The ribbon deck must be in place and all three thumbscrews must be tightened securely for printer operation. Printer Fonts Font Included Type. This option causes the printer to execute a form feed after the print buffer is completed in an operator-initiated local copy print job.


Correct the condition causing the fault and press the Clear pushbutton to restore printer operation. While in a user set option, these pushbuttons are used for data entry. The active format can be a description that was entered through the control panel, sent from the host, or one of the stored formats selected.

Some pushbuttons are inoperative.

The first format name is Default unless changed in the Setup Menu. To thread paper through the rear exit, lift up the paper guide until it sticks to the magnet on the top cover.

There are ten possible customer-defined format slots available. The Main menu presents only the allowable not hidden top level selections, Operator menu, Setup menu, Maintenance menu and Menu Control.

When the locking lever is moved to the RUN position, the drive gears move together to grip the fabric. Press and hold then arrow pushbutton to move the paper up through the printer and into the upper tractors. Press the Select pushbutton to select a Print Modifier option.

Press the T down menu browse pushbutton to access the options. Use the following procedures to select a Print Options: After the paper is loaded in the lower tractors, pressing the FF form feed pushbutton causes the paper to move up at a slower rate 10 inches per second to the top tractors.


The upper rack on the 55 dBa Cabinet Model is shaped differently, but its functionality is the same see Figure 2 -4b. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Refer to Top View illustration in Step 2, page 12, for location of the top of form alignment notches on the model. If this option is enabled, Code V must also be enabled.

Pressing the Clear pushbutton will exit the current option menu option, so that selection of another option may be made. Press the T down menu browse pushbutton to access the Serial Type options. Press the Select pushbutton to enable or disable geenicom viewing of a menu.

Genicom 5000 Series 1800 LPM Printer

Use the following procedures to select a filter option: Array Failure All actuators on both tiers have failed Model only. The control panel utilizes a display with two rows of 16 characters each. The following describes each selection available. With the right tractor-locking lever released, slide the tractor slightly to the right genicok make the paper taut.