This page was last edited on 16 August , at If you’re running XP, you’ll have to try something else. Proudly powered by WordPress. I had the same error: Scrub out MagicJack keys from the Registry 5. Security measures have now been added to make this a little more difficult. Tue Jun 23, 2:

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The MagicJack service uses the www. I’ve been able to fix the problem but it took a combination of actions to do it — no single fix took care of the problem — so I thought I’d share them here. If you have a lot of deletions to make, it’s been suggested that you create a new administrator user, grant Full Control of the entire registry tree I think ownership would be dangerousmake the deletions, then remove the temporary user.

How do I know I have a new voicemail message on my magicJack? | Frequently Asked Questions

This opens the search box. I have to do this every magjcjack time I plug the mj in. This will take you to the MJ website where you can click on Upgrade. I had the same error: After your computer reboots, plug in the MagicJack. Have a manual for Lands Phones? Save these values as you will need them later. I would recommend using PMdump to extract this information.


Use the defaults and format the MJ.

I don’t have any software relying on. Either it will work or you’ll get the “Warning: CMD This will reset all registry permissions and is a necessary step. This takes a long time — go have dinner, take in a movie, or go out for a walk.

“Error: Broken Storage” | Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not fin them then keep opened your Disk Management and unplug your magicjack and replug into another port after two minutes. Tue Jun 30, 8: Question about Aspire Laptop formar Answers Warning: The easiest way to get around this restriction is to use MJMD5.

I have also tried the suggestion in this chat http: Delete it by right-clicking on the key in the left-hand window and selecting delete. Mqgicjack the slider to reposition the left-hand window on the very top entry and click it. In there write “regedit” and press enter. It is and the usb port works but MJ wount boot up!

If you’re running XP, you’ll have to try something else. Please change it to Y.


This additional information uses a value in the Call-ID header. If the Fodmat won’t allow you to delete them, you may need to change Ownership by right clicking on the key, selecting Permissions, Advanced and checking “Full Control”. After tech support literally blew me off “Okay, I’ve adjusted your settings here.

How do I know I have a new voicemail message on my magicJack?

If you get the error, manually start the MagicJack by following the kluge procedure at the beginning of this post. This is not a fix, however, as you will have to repeat the process each time you plug in the MJ. The formatting is a “work around” but is also a pain in the You can do it while reset.

Grab the username and password via a memory dump. In some particularly recalcitrant cases I’ve found an elevated command prompt is the only thing that works Win