Inspections can be carried out at a lower temperature difference, but will make the analysis of the infrared images somewhat more difficult. Example values Asphalt paving 0. Applicability The procedure below is applicable to these settings: Page 49 8 — Operating the camera When you save an image to the camera memory, you save the measured value too. Infrared image Comment ;a1 Moisture migration tracking along steel joist chan- nels inside ceiling of a single family home where a plumbing line had ruptured. Operating the camera Installing the battery NOTE Use a clean and dry cloth to remove any water or moisture on the battery before you install it. Some water will remain in the drainage channel after rain, which may lead to local leakage around the channel.

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It has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A computing device pursuant to Subpart J of Part 15 of FCC Rules, which are designed to provide reasonable protection against such interfer- ence when operated in a commercial environment. Commented Infrared Images 12 — Introduction to building thermography Structural drawing Comment ;a2 Drainage channels located too high and with flur low an inclination.

FLIR InfraCAM SD Infrared Camera – at the Test Equipment Depot

Infradam 15 — History of infrared technology The improvement of infrared-detector sensitivity progressed slowly. Measurement Technique For Thermographic Inspection Of Electrical Installations 13 — Introduction to thermographic inspections of electrical installations Certain types of insulation defects have a characteristic shape on the infrared image.

This method needs systematic scanning of the lfir phases in parallel in order to assess whether a point differs from the normal temperature pattern. About Flir Systems 55 lb.


Keypad 5 — Camera parts Keypad Figure ;a2 Explanation This table gives an explanation to the figure above: The operator also needed a VAC generator set, and a 10 L 2.

Contents of the transport case Page 13 — Introduction to thermographic inspections of electrical installations to be in for the moment. Page 61 8 — Operating the camera NOTE Do not point the infrared camera with or without the lens cover at intensive energy sources, for example devices that emit laser radiation, or the sun for a long period of time.

Another major breakthrough, made by Langley inwas the invention of the bolometer. Page 9 weight: Overview of You can use two different methods when you move images from the camera to a methods computer: Index — Q power cable science, building: Changing Camera Settings 8 — Operating the camera 8. This manual also for: The product does not contain any of the restricted substances in concentrations and applications banned infracxm the Directive, and for components, the product is capable of being worked on at the higher temperatures required by lead—free soldering.

Testing of an FPA detector. Text that indicates the current function of infrafam left selection button. Screen elements General You use screen elements—tools, menus and selections in dialog boxes—to control the camera program. Technical data Disclaimer FLIR Systems reserves the right to discontinue models, parts or accessories, and other items, or change specifications at any time without prior notice.

Flir Infracam

Side View 5 — Camera parts Side view Figure ;a2 Explanation This table gives an explanation to the figure above: Stopping the camera Procedure Push and hold the power button for more than 0. However, many other factors such as local heat sources, reflections and air leakage can also cause surface temperature variations.


Save to parts list Save to parts list. Disclaimer 12 — Introduction to building thermography Camera Parts Camera parts Front view Figure ;a2 Explanation This table gives an explanation to the figure above: Infrared image Comment ;a1 Air infiltration from behind a skirting strip.

In the industry the inspections are—at least in Nordic countries with clear seasonal differences—carried out during spring or autumn or before longer stops in the oper- ation. To display the main menu, push Menu.

Infrared image Comment ;a1 Improper flashing at balcony-to-wall connections and missing perimeter drainage system resulted in moisture intrusion into the wood framing support infraca of the exterior walkway balcony of a loft complex. Safety Precautions 12 — Introduction to building thermography Although a basic understanding of the construction of low-slope commercial roofs is desirable when carrying infacam a roof thermography inspection, expert knowledge is not necessary.

NOTE If you do not use the camera, the power goes off after a time period that you can set in the menu system See section 8.

To display the image again, you can open the image from the camera memory, or SD Memory Card.