More than a week ago. Do you have a modem-related question? By default we show you a mix. Seller pays shipping for this item. As with any 56k modem, you may experience improvements if you Limit the Maximum Connect Speed or disable 56k.

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[ ESS ] Big Savings. Refurbished and New @ L to WN

I have read and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. While these modems will get 56k connects under some conditions, there are more interoperability problems with these modems – and you should check to see if new firmware aka driver is available for your modem. All controllerless modems require new Windows specific drivers to function with this new Microsoft operating system.

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Need ESS ES2898S Sound Card driver for Win XP

Only one in stock, order soon. Seller pays shipping for this item. Sign up to save items, follow sellers and get exclusive coupons. Message Send a message. ESS makes a controllerless host-signal-processing modem chipset. This driver fixes an echo cancellation problem that impaired modem performance.


ESS licensed x2 technology from 3Com, and developed its own x2 firmware for their chipset. As with any 56k modem, assuming you have a 56k-compatible line, the firmware for your modem is the single most important factor in the quality of your connection.

The modem can be made to work by setting a system date earlier than Feb; ESS has released a patch and established a toll-free number for assistance with this problem.

Log in and add this item to your wish list. Postal Code If you become a seller on Bonanza, this information will become part of your public profile. Password Minimum 6 characters; at least one number and one capital letter. Only one available in stock View Cart or continue shopping. Archtek’s website has Windows drivers for ESS. There is only 1 left in stock. Some vendors don’t even identify themselves on their modem! We’ll email you a link to your item now and follow up with a single reminder if you’d like one.


Most of the vendors that make modems with these chipsets also make other models using other chipsets. Internal Modem Cards Quantity Available: Offer policy OBO – Seller accepts offers on this item. Don’t miss out on this item! By default we show you a mix. To finish sending your chat message to this seller, please choose one of the login methods below. A driver for Linux 2. You can make your offer during the check out mmodem.

Username or email address Forgot username. As with any 56k modem, you may experience improvements if you Limit the Maximum Connect Speed or disable 56k. Listing details Seller policies: