We respect your privacy. Would it be worth buying a V instead the ? Also, would it be worth considering in the long run an older Imacon scanner, like Flextight Precision II? Sorry to say but if you really find progress you must use digital cameras instead of scanners or use drum scanners. The problem is those little plugs.

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Find a repair centre close. Don’t agree with the post above unless you’re defining “progress” as “very big prints”. I’m pretty confident that phofo scanning would give me “better” resolution in my scans, but like you I would need to buy an entirely new scanner to do that.

Seeing images scanned with virtual drum scanners is incomparable to what I scsnner get out of my Epson. But my glass is all much cleaner now.

Review: Epson Perfection V bundled with SilverFast SE

Would agree that in the scale of things whether you own photk V scanner or a V scanner isn’t going to make a fundamental difference to how people or even you see your work. The problem is those little plugs. It’s the perfect choice for serious photo enthusiasts. For more information on how we use cookies and how to manage your preferences go to Cookie Information.


X Windows 7 bit Windows 7 bit Windows 8. Sandy Vongries likes this.

I’m an amateur; photography is a hobby which I enjoy a lot but which is not in the top five eepson things in my life”. Ruined the screwdriver, too, by the way, but this was one of the vestigial ones from an old set and I was rather expecting that, using such a small thing as a pry-bar. Would it be worth buying a V instead the ?

Epson V700

Not signed in yet? Your name or email address: I’ve been using an Epson V to scan my medium format negatives for the last two years.

I have not actually used a better scanner, so my epaon about a possible scanner purchase are based on what I have read on apparently knowledgeable web sites. Unplug everything Remove the scanning lid and set it carefully aside Remove the four plastic plugs over the screws that phkto the top on Remove the screws that hold the top on small Phillips Lift off the top Clean the bottom of the glass, as above The problem is those little plugs.

My son gave me a medium format camera earlier this year and I just gave it back to him because I did not want to buy a scanner. You haven’t even told us much about what your goal is “better” is not a term with a generally accepted quantitative meaning, even in this narrow context. These are very difficult to purchase separately. I own a V which I am very pleased with. The basic process is: But if I were a professional with a need to use film, then I would buy a film scanner without worry.


This is more a Digital Darkroom question than a Film and Processing one. Near-Total Eclipse of the Eclipse. You can do wet mounting on any Epson flatbed by purchasing the base from Epson.

Scahner more information on how Epson treats your personal data, please read our Privacy Information Statement. Given that this scanner is aimed at the professional user I am rather surprised that this entry level application is included.

Epson V Replacement for Epson V | B&H Photo Video

One option might be outsourcing the job or the better holders but I don’t have experience with them. Hide List 0 result s near.

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