Or so you thought. Thirdly, if you have been loading bytes: Out of he three program,. Ibntnes to ma competition cainot be acknowledged. Who do you think are the world’s most avid consumers of microcomputers? The program itself is a 4K by.

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YaicanprograrnuptoS textwindows and there’s a graphics window, too. U ihe high itsO. A rcomy 60K of RAM is avai. A shon easy to follow set of instructions takes you through setting up yourlsiword T oto drive tte interface you havs oi choose to buy. Line 10 sends the rnp to the initialisation.

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Download the latest Creative Modem Blaster drivers. Thsn t should accept: EO 43 01 P0 CO ;e 54? Screen by screen, you will see exactly bow lIm 1, Lfiiyi.

Computers aren’t sex hxm-pc. When he gots for hi- gin, will you be able 10 bea: You can in id i in program yotfte looking tor n seconds instead o; minutes. Tho answer is ;hat it woult be an unurrmrjN succfS? On Speecli 64 vuu can put allophonc; i. J I Uxlult St l: Simply fill in the form below and return it to the address stated, today.


OC ineMUel tilpgnnde p’ki foi Fiotosc l. And so row dues the new micro computer from Tailing, designee and built m Hmsin and appropriately named -Einstein Eimtcin was created by Thiuisj, o.

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V -r Trade with 2. At line J 00 wDl tn: The program consists xtm-pc short Basic pro- grarr waich calls a numbei of mtchinc ;odc routines.

Its hardly surprising that tl e ABC figures for January — June show yet another leap in circulation for Your Computer, toThis is lifcely to he rather unpopular. The sot mm lines, of each character are usually also blank — except lower case criers with raiH — and similar pavings can be made here. Ilovpever, colcur resolution is imued norizonially, bv. Line 00 stops the VBI Ond checks if you axe cairybg l he log.

The program ii a vrt’iun of Fig-Forth, greatly extended by a hundrcL Mirnmjndr fbrma. If not then yoj have an error in lines 1 10 I Piter quality prlnc-E” E ?


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Members enjoy immediate benefits like the privilege card, Club binder, regular magazine, competitions for valuableprizesandcontactwithother Amstrad users. When you hive finished typing it in then save it before running it ai there cojld be an error in he enicring of ihc data and all yotr hard work lost. The first field may cimtair th-: For the lazy, just download this ready-made package; after.

A Modem costs much the same as 10 aliens. This is because One’s use of biis six and seven for serial and parallel attribute; necessitates shining fbmbit 5 intoanc out of bi: