Stumbled upon this page while looking for info about updating the pl seems to be very little out there. My cable appears to have been constructed differently — see pics: Any chance you could send the driver to me or post it somewhere? I have attcah the resistors 1K, 10K and 15K as per your scheme.. I did a quick probe to confirms this, then attempted to solder the green wire to the via. Unfortunately i have no good experience with cheap chinese DKU-5 but i have found CA cable the best for me… It has only three wires..

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Just saw your post on the Arduino forums.

However, experience have shown that some of these cheaper cables can be unreliable and more difficult to be made to work because of lacking documentation, drivers and source code. The Nokia cable uses 3.

It appears you put the magical color changing reset capacitor directly on the cable. People usually did it with a 3rd party chip. Is there any way I can force the installation software to identify my dku-5 cable as a usb peripheral?


Plug in the cable, power on the device, and start the Arduino IDE. July 27,5: These cables vary a good bit. If not you should recheck your setup.

Tagged with arduinoatmegaca 42dku-5ftdiserialusb. You could try it and see, but you might smoke it. The shell can also be put back together with little effort.

What version of pc suite supports a dku-5 usb cable ? – Microsoft Community

I seriap attcah the resistors 1K, 10K and 15K as per your scheme. Sorry for insisting so much, but I just read your reply to someone else using a whereas mine is a but the interesting fact is that I now suspect that ANY dku-5 cable features the inbuilt firmware you mentioned.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Considering the price of a DKU-2 usb cable under eerial.

This page was last edited on 27 Aprilat Bluetooth HC07 module with Backplane 4 Pins. Other chip versions may not be; Check their datasheets.

How satisfied are you with this response? Thanks for the great guide. If they are displayed, then you have correctly identified the TxD and RxD line. It will look like this once done: The methods described here should work in general for cables using different chips. I keep meaning to try this but never have. Compliments from me aswell on a very good article. This connectivity cable lets you transfer data to or from d,u PC.


Electronics — jethomson 5: I would need the exact same thing, but 3. This connectivity cable lets you charge your phone while transferring data to or cavle your PC.

Connect wires 5 and 8 to your multimeter and see if it shows 5V. My arduino recognises both the sent values and garbage with LCD display….

Nokia pop-port LIKE-DKU-5 or CA-42 cable schematic pinout

Strip the wires which correspond to pins 6, 7 and 8. The Ex-Link cable for ES series is similar to all other serial cables except that it is terminated by 3. So even though the cable puts out only 3. My new Arduino USB cable worked great!