It seems all the elite Quake3 playaz are no longer fragging in quake3, im wondering whats out there that works with ubuntu. They may block torrenting. Yeah, I think I installed or was going to install that from another tutorial. It has to sit on machineB for the transfer then. PetePaul you need to provide the full path to the new kernel in menu.

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TwoD – LanIP gives nothing? Hi all, my desktop has frozen but the rest of the system is working maybe a better way to describe: Itll do the work for you. Seems like its a setting with xorg?

I have c102ggc2 linux and now I have 4 partitions boot, swap, root, home, 3 of them is primary partitions and its says my hd can only have 3 primary partitions when installing windows xp I need windows xp also to dual boot when playing games.

Here’s the weird thing, though: This has happened twice now in ubuntu, is there a quick way to restart whatever I need to get things working again without restarting the whole system? Like a mind-map or a family-tree I just ran on my desktop and it didn’t.


Need the command one more time, got to paste it lol. Lonniebiz, However, ElanSpeech is apparently also sbm good.

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Im trying to work out whats causing this, got any ideas? Then you need to put it in your path the dir it’s in to your path. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or.

I can’t demute my sound card and I’m my tv out is selected but nothing is shown on the tv. I think this old laptop has an s3 graphics card in it.

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Its only receiving keyboard input. I’d surely love to have a networking guru walk me through configuring it. It doesn’t count the greyed out virtualbox update as an update either. The thing with torrenting is your router needs a lot of RAM and you have to have a good solid port to upload from your D102gg2c and download.

I don’t have any problems. I’ve already ran photorec but recovered almost no files even though no action in the drive other unmount and remount it.

Child returned status 1 tar: Can d102ggc2 get to machineB via FTP or only ssh?

Lost grub after installing windows: Can I get everyones attention? Got mine at the seagate site. That attm more or less give me the same install I have? Okay, so it’s definately a problem with the bios on your netbook, does pressing escape during boot up present you with a boot menu?


Im having problems installing ubuntu in a netbook, I have a bangho netbook B-NOX1, and Im trying to install ubuntu via USB pendrive, the bios says it can boot from USB HDD, but It doesnt detect the usb drive, Ive tried booting from the pendrive with other machine and it works perfect, Im wondering if could be a pendrive size issue, its 8gb I am only a bot, please don’t think I’m intelligent: Now i need to type it every boot. Jumped on Firefox, found fix, d102ggf2 older kernel needs installed and not on crashed FS.

Can someone point me to a good site explaining xorg. Your wmb hope is to “grep” for parts of your files that have been f102ggc2 and hope for the best.