The default is 5. If set to -1, the driver caches all insensitive result set data in memory. Multiple trigger results are returned one at a time. Distributed Transaction Cleanup Connections associated with distributed transactions can become orphaned if the connection to the server is lost before the transaction has completed. Any active transactions that have a life span greater than the specified timeout value are rolled back. Because data is cached, you will incur a performance penalty, particularly if the data is read once sequentially.

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For example, the following command requests a TGT from the server with a lifetime of 10 hours, which is renewable for 5 days: If you install the driver in a directory that is not on the Windows system path, perform one of the following actions to ensure the driver can load the DLLs: Specify the location and password of the truststore file used for SSL server authentication. clm

Data Source and Driver Classes

Own Inserts are visible. By default, the SQL Server driver takes advantage of the user name and password maintained by the operating system to authenticate users to the database.

If errors are reported, the update count is not reported.

The value of this property may sqlserber useful for database administration purposes. The setFetchSize method can be used to control the number of rows that are retrieved for each request when forward-only result sets are returned.

Provides random access to data Allows searching for patterns in the data, such as returning long data that begins with a specific character string To provide these advantages of Blobs and Clobs, data must be cached.


Positive integer, -1, or zero 0. The HostNameInCertificate property provides additional security against man-in-the-middle MITM attacks by ensuring that the server the driver is connecting to is the server that was requested. A server-side database cursor is not created if the requested result set type is a forward-only result set.

If set to 0, the driver does not perform the data type check if the value of the column is null. Often, the warning message provides instructions for unblocking the Performance Wizard for the current session. The SQL Server driver supports retrieving the values of auto-generated keys.

The default is 1. For example, suppose you created a table with the following statement: In addition, the SQL Server driver supports the following methods of distributed transaction cleanup:. ValidateServerCertificate True or false. The database server must be administered by the same domain controller that administers the client and must be running one of the following databases: If set to cursor, a server-side cursor is requested.

The client must be administered by the same domain controller that administers the database server and must be running on one of the following operating systems:.

Connecting to a Database

The application can now use the connection. See also Database Connection Property. Binary Data Your application can use the following methods to insert or update XML data as binary data: As a general rule, applications should clean up orphaned connections at startup and when the application is notified that a connection to the server was lost. As a precaution, have your system administrator back up the master database before running instjdbc.


If another query is submitted using a different statement on the same connection, for examplethe driver caches the sqlserverfriver to the first query before submitting the second query.

If the mdbc cannot determine the data type of the parameters, it sends String parameter values to the server based on the setting of the SendStringParametersAsUnicode property. Determines whether the driver uses its internal conversion algorithm or the JVM conversion algorithm when converting double or float values to string values.

For example, if an application regularly returns character values that are 10, characters in length, using a value of 32 16 KB typically results in improved performance.

The MS SQL Server Driver

TrustStore Specifies the directory of the truststore file to be used when SSL server authentication is used. If an exception is generated when rolling back a transaction, the exception is written to the sqljdbc. See Isolation Levels for details. Any active transactions that have a life span greater than the specified timeout value are rolled back. The optimal value depends on the typical size of data inserted, updated, or returned by jbdc application and the environment in which it is running.