But that’s impossible to tell because PHP has its own load management and serves every request by an arbitrary process. I think we can achieve this if we store TTL out of the data in some way Just to clarify the multi-get capability, the result is returned as an array with cache keys as the array keys. CodeIgniter User Guide Version 2. So we need a delete method. Unlike caching from the Output Class, the driver file-based caching allows for pieces of view files to be cached. I think it is extremely useful in speed up web application and improve performance..

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We can easily abstract that into the following base class. Doing so executes the script on Apache.

PHP: apc_fetch – Manual

I’ll update this now. Here’s a simple file-based caching engine. Before, it wouldn’t write to the file if it didn’t exist already.

In those cases you can update the data using storebut in some cases it is simply more convenient to flush the cache. However, if the individual drivers are used, make sure to call this method to ensure the driver is supported in the hosting environment. My personal problem with APC that it tends to break my code.


CodeIgniter User Guide Version 2.2.6

This function is often cited related to file upload tracking with PHP 5. The next issue we’re facing is updates of data. As I am noob in OOP php: I call it via the browser: Very useful to further optimize your application!

I don’t see any situation when you really have to cache data larger than 1MB. This function will delete a specific item from the cache store. Codeiggniter codeigniter, you don’t need to do anything special. The optional third parameter Time To Live defaults to 60 seconds. When you cache the data you’re fetching from the database, in a lot of cases the load on your servers can be reduced enormously.

It seems the 0 default setting will not work on some machines. Email Required, but never shown. I try to save a 60, record’s array into memcache ,but fail. Only 3 new lines. The PEAR project made a stupid mistake by naming one of codeogniter classes ‘Date’, by doing this and refusing to change this they actually prevented an internal PHP-date class to be named Date.


Installing and running APC cache with CodeIgniter

What about making two files: Memcached is a cache server originally developed by the LiveJournal people and now being used by sites like DiggFacebookSlashdot and Wikipedia. Using shared memory in APC is extremely simple, I’m not even going to explain it, the code should tell enough.

All of the functions listed above can be accessed without passing a specific adapter to the driver loader as follows:. This is a caching backend that will always ‘miss.

Caching in PHP using the filesystem, APC and Memcached

All the data is identified by a key. Changelog Version Description 3.

Caching Driver CodeIgniter features wrappers around some of the most popular forms of fast and dynamic caching. This function will save codwigniter item to the cache store. Any missing values re not returned, for example: So we need a delete method.

That is probably still faster than having multiple files. Doing a yum install memcache fixed that.