I could also change to a 8. Cobra won’t sell extra hosel inserts; this is the only drawback. Your review title You must enter a title. The dimples, dents or whatever else you want to call them on the top of the club are a Cobra trademark that helps lower center of gravity. The Mitsubishi Diama na shaft is awesome and inspires confidence for me as a mid to high handicapper. December 4, at

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This driver is low spin and I mean low spin. This is a good choice, especially as it is an adjustable driver — golfers can choose a more draw-biased setting if they so wish. Th e only complaint I had was when I moved to New Mexico. All in all cogra L5V will give you greater flexibility. The Cobra L5V Driver is a fobra club brimming with high technology and one that we feel delivers on nearly every front.

If lookquality and savings are would you are looking for there is not a matching driver out there. It was a great club. There are also 30 custom shaft options available. If you like the noise at impact then we would certainly recommend that you get one in your bag.

The MOI isnot sure at what weight but I will try to find out. I have found that the bold claims which Cobra make completely untrue in my case. What does this have to do with the L5v. Pretty large sweet area. I really thought that it would be hard to improve on the L4 but I was very wrong.


The Buzzz Report – Cobra GOLF – L5V DRIVER | Golf Channel

Know I live in Arizona and can play every day weather permitting. The club also has a lightweight carbon composite crown and sole inserts to move the CG to a position lower and further back. Media Reviews Today’s Golfer.

This can also be because the head is cc. The L5V is a completely different animal and plays like one as well.

The Buzzz Report – Cobra GOLF – L5V DRIVER

Another integral factor is the wide range of shaft options which cobra offer as standard, this allows any type of golfer to be suited for the perfect shaft, which should produce better results. The dimples, dents or whatever else you want gllf call them on the top of the club are a Cobra trademark that helps lower center of gravity.

Def more yolf players club. The Cobra L5V is an excellent addition to the premium driver market and the performance combined with great looks certainly justifies the investment required. Here are my opinions.

Visually, the club looks stunning and the enlarged face really inspires confidence behind the ball. Also, found out a few answers to some questions as well. Aimed at all players the L5V comes in a range of lofts from 8. In contrast the club does offer the largest face in any golf driver, which when coupled with the larger sweet-spots does increase the forgiveness of off-centre hits. Tuned to give extreme ball speed players a high launch, lower spin and added workability, to optimize their distance and accuracy.


The adjustability of this driver is a helpful added feature, but I have found cobea it at zero square works best for me. The MOI is around so it’s pretty forgiving on miss-hits.

Our only reservation with the L5V was the distinctive sound cobea impact that we found very loud — due to a combination of the club head dimensions and the carbon composite body — volf was not to our taste. Cobra claim the L5V has the largest club face in golf which provides maximum COR across the face and results in am extremely high level of forgiveness.

I think it looks great at address and love the fact that I can change from square to open by l5vv the shaft insertion. Write your review You must enter a review of between and characters.

For those that have a L4V and are looking to go with a L5V you are most likely going to have to go with a different set up.