Chunghwa Telecom customers will be able to download multiple credit cards on their phones, and then use any of them for mobile NFC payments in over 24, contactless terminals in major stores, taxis, restaurants, malls, and movie theaters. For 4G voice calling currently supported through VoLTE or WiFi calling your device needs to be included on their lists of supported devices. Our daughter lives there and has purchased SIM cards before, but your blog was very helpful to us as well. Thanks for your help in advance. How early those mobile stores open? I will be traveling to Taiwan this coming February for 7 days.

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Too Many Adapters

These packages can’t be renewed or extended though this is disputed by some users:. Once you reach the arrivals hall you go left towards the walkway which leads down to the Bus Station and High-speed Rail Station.

What prepaid sim card that will last for 3 years without disconnection?. To save time and avoid hassle, purchasing your prepaid SIM prior to leaving the airport can be recommended. Is it normal to hand over our phones to them to insert the sim. The cards are exclusively for tourists and at a slightly lower price then in the muticard, include more data and as well their WiFi access which provides many hotspots throughout the city for the duration of your purchased SIM cards validity.


To check your balance and expiry date, you can also dial on your handset. I was only intending to stay in Taipei for one month, but I ended up being offered a job here, which I took.

Upon arrival in Taiwan you can choose chunfhwatl purchase a prepaid SIM card using these methods. I misse the ordinal flight in the morning so need to catch evening and will arrive Taoyuan There were several other plans availableincluding unlimited data for a month plus some call and text credit for NTD. I found information thatsbut its there any additional cost for the sim card by itself or its just those for all together?

Gemalto teams up with Chunghwa Telecom for its commercial launch of NFC services in Taiwan

Thanks so much fot this! Also I am not familiar with the concept of 3 g, of 4 g. Hi Dave, Thanks so much fot this! Just an additional tip to Verizon plan users: I need to use mainly Internet to search for maps and maybe do some Googling on places to go, etc.

As mentioned elsewhere in the comments, the SIM stores at the airport start opening at 5: If you want to create an online account the system will send a SMS to your cell phone number outside of Taiwan. For more information visit www.

If subscribers purchase chujghwatl data by volume bundle again before the service expires or the allowance is used up, the expiry period will be extended immediately for another 60 days. Which operator suitable for me?


Buying a SIM Card in Taiwan

The information I have is available in this post and the links to the cell company websites. I have no way of answering this on their behalf. Readers of this site are likely to love it for another reason, too: I just landed today at the airport.

There is no more 2G since summer of How much would chuunghwatl 1 day unlimited data package?

Gemalto teams up with Chunghwa Telecom for its commercial launch of NFC services in Taiwan

Prepaid SIM cards are offered in different starter packs:. This is very helpful.

They have four different starters available. One question, what are they doing with your passport? I just arrived in Taiwan two days ago at Taoyuan International airport. Their prepaid SIM called Ideal Card must be initially purchased either at Chunghwa Telecom shops located throughout the city or at the kiosks located in the airports with different plans for visitors only.

It usually takes around 15 minutes to activate the service. Hi Dave, I will be visiting Taiwan for 9 days.