One of the most eagerly awaited telecoms announcements is the award of 3G licences for the Chinese market. Retrieved 26 January We look forward to strengthening our relationship with China Unicom and working with Chinese manufacturers to support the commercial launch of CDMA. Mainland China, Hong Kong. China Unicom, the country’s second biggest mobile telecom operator, yesterday displayed its leadership role in the code-division-multiple-access CDMA world as it signed agreements with 13 other mobile operators linking their networks together.

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News, views and contacts from the global unjcom industry. The company plans to enter the entertainment media business and will provide various services including music downloading, photo downloading, mobile phone gaming, mobile phone mailbox and mobile phone internet access. China Unicom was designated by the Chinese government to negotiate this framework agreement with Qualcomm to establish licensing guidelines.

China Unicom Telecommunications Company -, China

China has one of the world’s second largest number of mobile subscribers behind the USA with The company has established the uniicom name “U-Max” to operate the new 2. CDMA has the advantages of providing higher voice transmission quality and less radiation and would also smooth the transition to 3G at a later date. Unicom would like to caution readers about the forward-looking nature of some of the statements in this press release. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


In latephase 3. Enabling telecoms leaders to identify growth opportunities. The Financial Times Chinese edition in Chinese. China Unicom successfully managed to persuade some of China’s leading internet content providers, such as Sina. Wang Jianzhou, president of China Unicom, announced on Friday in Beijing the completion of its CDMA 1X network and the initiation of trial operations in major cities around the country.

In addition, the company has also introduced a mobile e-mail service allowing subscribers to access their e-mail via a mobile handset without accessing the internet. Upon completion, Unicom will focus on expanding its GSM business and introducing 3G services upon being granted a cyina licence. Retrieved 27 August This will certainly help Lucent win more contracts in China, but other vendors will still complete vhina.

News, views and contacts vdma the global telecommunications industry. Jump to page content Accessibility. Jump to page content Ddma.

China Mobile kicked off its “Mobile-Zone” service early this month to attract more young mobile phone subscribers with a cheap short message service.

Retrieved 17 November China Unicom, which has started construction of the country’s first nationwide CDMA network, plans to attract 15 million chkna before the end of the year. China Unicom estimated that the phase 3.

We look forward to strengthening our relationship with China Unicom and working with Chinese manufacturers to support the commercial launch of CDMA. China Unicom SIM card. China’s population totals approximately 1. China Unicom has, since the deployment of CDMA, run the two networks side by side and made dual band handsets available to subscribers so that they can take advantage of the exceptional coverage offered by the two networks unico company has sold overdual band handsets although they are quite expensive.


China Unicom Telecommunications Company – – Global Telecoms Insight

VP, member of the party committee [nb 3]. The expansion has also helped China Unicom to drive improved spectrum efficiency and reduced costs, and has positioned the carrier to migrate to an all-IP, packetised network. The expansions are carried out in ‘provinces’ which are really the size of countries when applied to European scale. Video conferencing equipment from Polycom which can be used over the IP video communications network.

China Unicom Telecommunications Company – China. China Unicom’s network is made up of every supplier’s base stations, switching centres and software. Almost all major cellular infrastructure providers were involved, and multiple small contracts have been placed over the years.

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