Determines the serial communication rate. Label formats interpreted as intendedfor DPI. The heatvalue is controlled via the menu setting; seePrint Control, Section 4. See note below ifanother messagewas displayed. Excel opens the file and thefollowing screen appears.

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Code Bar Code F: Page The table below lists the font sizes; the numbers indicate the number of dots. As indicated, the following menu 66441 will only appearaccording to the model of your printer. If the faultdetected a Directdoes not clear, call forMemory Accessservice.

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Observe the Ready Indicator as the format issent to the printer. The table is followed by visual samples. If usingreflective stock, ensure that the mark is facedown. Page Warning Messages: Page 6 Page 7 Printer Overview1. Normal printer operating mode.

Page 23 Serial Port: Select this option ifLAT is not needed.


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B Two Line Messages — Some of the message are displayed as two lines. See Appendix F fordetails. Page To save a manually entered setup for example, an application that required anAdvanced Entry Brxdy before beginning as a configuration file using brsdy panel: For a list of these messages, see Section 6. Human-readable fonts have numeric names, while bar code fontshave alpha names. When changing thesevalues, the printer will automatically feedtwo labels to setup the new print position.

Tighten the Thumbscrew to secure the retainer inplace. Your manual failed to upload Select this optionif MOP is not needed. Lowercasealpha names will print barcodes only.

Executes and prints label formats normaloperating mode. Remove media and ribbon.

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Remove the Rewind Retainer and Media Clip. When winding labels, do not allow the outer diameter of the roll toexceed 6 inches mm on the Media Rewind Hub.

The Configuration Label content can vary with the application versionand printer model. Normal power-up and Occurs when the usersoft reset condition.


Except and to theextent expressly provided in this warranty and in lieu of all other warranties,there are no warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, anywarranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Nrady Compliance and Approvals: You are enteringAdvanced EntryCalibration.

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For additionalinterfacing requirements, see thetable below. The row position is calculated based on DPI. Warnings are displayed when the number of characters isexceeded or when trying to modify the MAX value. Back out ofthe menu tree byrepeatedly pressing thekey.