I hope to have a clearer explanation after further correspondence with Panda Wireless. Can confirm the Panda with RT chipset is capable of packet injection. Does the alfa AC with the smaller form factor perform any better at packet injection than it’s predecessor the NEH, which the review says only managed to inject two of the AP’s it picked up. To test for monitor mode and range, I simply ran a Kismet scan. It supports monitor mode and picked up APs — the fewest overall. This is your data? Having owned this Alfa myself, I can attest to its strength when placed somewhere with a clear line of sight.

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Thanks for the info! Because of these factors, purchasing the right adapter really hinges on how you intend to use your adapter.

The 36NEH performed very well for its compact size. Newer RTLAU chipset, twin aerials, beamforming and dual band suggest there could be an improvement.

Here below the commands I made and the results: It supports monitor mode, and after 10 minutes, this adapter scanned networks and had a nearly flawless packet injection percentage. Besside-ng requires injection to achieve its goal of capturing WPA handshakes. That being said, my tests present a discrepancy in the claim that it does not perform any packet injection.


AWUSNEH with Ralink RT/

The 36NH does support monitor mode and has an impressive range, with APs picked up during my first test. A successful “pwn” of a network, means that the adapter is in fact capable of it. Ejecting and reinstalling etc doesn’t help dalyzeka.

At about feet from the AP, the signal strength hovered in the 90 dBm range. This is your data? I’m using kali linux now, but I tried before with BT5 R3.

No wireless adapter can do it all, nor are they all practical for every scenario. At this awys036neh, reliable packet injection would be out of the question.

Thanks for writing such a great article. It’s important to keep in mind what’s between you and an AP you may be targeting. If you have any comments, questions, or have run your own tests and have results to share, please leave them in the comments below! Also, make sure airmon-ng didn’t report any process to kill.

Directory listing of [1] WiFi USB adapter/AWUSNEH/Linux

Just search for a few minutes instead of asking for something that you in fact already have. It also supports packet injection, however, its performance was rather awwus036neh.

This seems like the future. Once again, this adapters signal strength was comparable to the NHA, if just a little weaker — hovering in the upper awus03n6eh dBm range.



I zwus036neh know why This should help you determine which adapter is right for your own hacking needs. There are always good things and bad things in driversthere is not perfect driver yet that can do it all and don’t cause any issue. Check if rf kill is enabled using rfkill. It supports monitor mode, picked up networks, and performed moderately reliable packet injection. Bro,I also use RL RT chipset adapter and i also face that problem when i used it for a long time.

Its range was especially impressive, picking up networks in the 10 minute test period. However, this adapter is by far the least conspicuous, since it doesn’t possess any pesky higher gain antenna, and is therefore also best for on-the-go probing.

Alfa AWUS036NEH Free Driver Download

The 51NH v2 performed best in range out of all adapters tested by just a hair — networks. The results are organized by the chipset.

It supports monitor mode and picked up APs — the fewest overall.