All times are GMT Doing the final output to file is one of those places where it pays to have a well-endowed CPU. In UT we ran with all render options at their highest settings. But Serious Sam supports compressed textures, and you could always dial down texture quality and run in bit color to push the frame rate up. Is the software that comes with the ATI card “the best” that I can use for video capture, or would a different software, possibly VirtualDub or another, be recommended for better quality? A Taiwanese outfit called Compro is offering a GeForce 3-based model, but other than web-based support resources, has no tech support available in the US.

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Archived copy as title. In most cases, we used the driver control panels to disable v-sync.

And like the guide channel you get with your cable service, the listings are accompanied by atj on the left-hand side of the screen. For the budding videographer, though, VideoStudio will certainly get you going. December 2, February 25, Europe. I have tried various options within the ATI software, and I close all other programs during the capture, all with the apparent same results. And atj proof is in the multitexturing test result where ATI is over 2.

Later products also comes with a Remote Wonder remote control and a USB RF receiver to receive radio frequency signals siw the remote. Current technologies and software.

ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 7500

And as previously commented, until a board maker offers a GeForce 3-based Personal Cinema board, or at the very least a GeForce 2 Ti-based offering, ATI will hold a decided 3D performance edge in the ginsu card category. I am not sure if it wiw the source though the same source plays perfect on ari TV or the capture method.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid Its video inputs include S-video and composite, and its audio inputs and outputs are stereo RCA jacks.

All-in-Wonder Radeon – Page 2 of 13 – ExtremeTech

Some variants of the All-in-Wonder included FM radio tuning as well. Neither was able to hit 60fps, but then, neither was the DV. We also ran several tests at xx32 alw put these parts to work, and did two tests with 4X FSAA enabled. The AIW remote also has mouse-cursor functionality with two buttons, although no scroll wheel.

All-in-Wonder – Wikipedia

Missing, however, is support for a 4. In UT we ran with all render options at their highest settings.

But given the age of some game atl still widely used today Half-Life, anyone? The All-in-Wonder line debuted with the Rage chipset series. ATI aid still using the same breakout box design from the previous generation All-in-Wonder Radeon, which only has the video and audio inputs, but not the outputs.

And rather than use the discrete ATI Rage Theater 75000 that lives on every DV, the video output of the comes straight from the chip itself. Only the DV turns in a respectable performance here, which all at once shows that fast DX7 hardware will be hard-pressed to render pixel shader-based content even in some fallback mode, and that DX8 content with aggressive pixel shader-based features may still be a ways out. In terms of general navigation, version 7.


What is your setup, CPU speed, type of hard drive?

Recall that these are the two techniques used for de-interlacing the video stream stored on a DVD disc for display on a progressive scan in this case PC monitor.

Nonetheless, this is a handy feature for users who suffer from display claustrophobia and pine for more screen real estate, even if it is virtual. Currently, the only operating systems fully supporting TV capture with these cards are Microsoft Windows XP,98, and Regular, [22] MB, DV [23].

AMD/ATI All-in-Wonder 7500 Series drivers for Windows XP 32bit (3 files)

In order to drill a little deeper into the 3DMark results, we also examine fill rate, triangle rate and DirectX8 tests individually. Another welcome difference was that 7500 image quality for the TV display was notably better than that found on the Auw. This page was last edited on 15 Novemberat Cambridge Audio Azur D. But Serious Sam supports compressed textures, and you could always dial down texture quality and run in bit color to push the frame rate up.