Which one is normally the better fw? Hmm, that didnt go well at all. Virus Problem, Please Help. Computer powers off in sleep mode BB code is on. Ok, i have pulled a bin firmware from the drive. If you wanted to void your warranty and open the drive, you could find out the chipset.

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Yes this drive is a lite-on. The numbers have 4 digits, such as MT, MT, MT, atpi least, to my knownledge, the chips still have 4 numbers. The time now is If you wanted to void your warranty and open the drive, you could find out the chipset.

Virus Problem, Please Help.

March is last time for sure I remember using it, tho possibly later. So if anyone has any idea why it will play everything I put in it except music cd’s please please let me know!

I believe its a Lite-On but not sure. I did some searches but didnt come up with answers. Try the firmware for both, and see which one your drive likes best. Copyright -Tech Support Forum. Eh16ayh Temperatures Take II. Win 7 SP1 My System. What is the firmware version? Aside from that, if the drive won’t read any CD’s, then the drive is likely failing and needs to be replaced. It came from a new HP desktop made this year. My system Information is as follows: Thanks but do you know what rebadge version it is?


Hmm, that didnt go atap at all. I opened the drive but atwpi not sure which chip is in question.

ATAPI DVD A DH16AYH resources, firmwares and drivers

Could I do a restore point back to a year ago February and could it help? All times are GMT It has firmware YH13 dated and manufactured early this year. Ok I used a microsoft program to test the drive itself and guess what But maybe you could save the ataoi from your dh16qyh and see if someone could inspect it for you. Maybe if C0deking see this he can provide me with contact of where i can send it to him. There was a error in the flash after a long time waiting.

Ok, i have pulled a bin firmware from ayapi drive. I have tried everything in my knowledge pool and I am having no luck The drive after a restart the drive light stays on and is not deteched.

ATAPI DH16AYH resources and drivers

I have even tried to manually run a cd by going to start,my computer and then double clicking the E drive while I have a disc in there but it’s telling me to Insert a disc into drive E: Just say the topic says I need help finding out what drive this is. Windows will reload the drivers as it reboots. Thanks so much in advance for any and all help I recieve from this post. So anyone know which dirve it can crossflashed too?


I’m concerned if I replace the driver that element may be missing?