Or choose door No. The patented DDSSII Double Dynamic Suspension System stabilizes the optical pick-up head, achieving more precise tracking while reducing vibration and noise caused by high-revolution motors. Bay Required Total Qty. Recently, they submitted two new optical drives for scrutiny by SPCR. Newegg keeps the Black Friday spirit alive with more deals for Cyber Monday. Eliminates the uneven airflow inside ASUS drive resulting in quieter and more stable operation. Storage by Rick Broida Sep 17,

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This eliminate interactive variances that arise with vibrations, resonances, etc. Retail Package – Installation. Some discs are less balanced and cause more wobbling and vibrations, which in turn, lead to more noise. Removing asu screws and opening the drive’s cover voids the drive’s warranty.

Image courtesy of howstuffworks. On top of all this, the performance difference between various makes is relatively subtle, and most modern optical drives are plenty fast for most applications; on the other hand, a very quiet optical drive is a gem and difficult to identify casually.

Act like your business depends on them Backups: Retail Package – Installation 2. The result is ultimate reliability and performance asus crw as music compilation, data asus crwas and smooth crw55232as playback. Bay Required Total Qty.


ASUS Internal Compact Disc Cd-rw Drive IDE 40 Pin 52x32x52x Crw-5232as

The item is out of stock and estimated delivery date is not known at this time. This noise will be measured in dBA 1 meter as well as described narratively.

Samsung’s Next Smartphone foray: Aug 06, You can edit asus crw as question or post asus crwas. By using this intelligent tool, it will automatically remind you to update the drive firmware. DVD players will be measured for noise as well as listened to during normal playback of movies.

ASUS Internal Compact Disc Cd-rw Drive IDE 40 Pin 52x32x52x Crwas | eBay

Rather than repeat the good work of many others, we recommend you visit one or more of the following informative sites for a more complete exposition of how optical drives work.

Mount Rainier, Video CD. Let’s move on to the ASUS drives. The noise made by an optical drive upon first insertion of the disc when the summary of the contents are scanned. CD Error Correction Tests 4. Submitted by Mike Chin on Sun, It’s not that they don’t make noise; optical drives certainly do make a lot of noise. Laptops by Justin Jaffe Nov 26, Storage by Rick Broida Oct 10, Protected AudioCD Tests 7. Only some of it is mechanical drive and electronic motor noise. The tracking system has to be able to move the laser at micron resolutions and to position it quickly for random access.


Review: ASUS QuieTrack CRW-5232AS & CD-S520/A4

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Much of this noise is from air turbulence and vibrations caused by the fast rotation of the disc. You may use these tags: This noise will be described. Optimal Writing Speed Adjustment Technology based on the ashs media requirements. Each drive will also be run at a lower-noise reference read setting of 24X speed using CDBremse.

Thank you for sharing the requirements with asus crwas.