Mon Dec 31, 3: I may look at the Gigabyte MPX board, though. Ive never had experience with Asus dual boards before. As far as the MSI is concerned, that board is going to suck. I think i will wait a tad bit longer. Mar 18, Posts:

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Basically, the guy was scared to unlock his CPU’s It hit Hong Kong and Japanese computer stores this weekend, and should be in the hands of U. Jan 5, Posts: Yes, A7MD will fit in Koolance!

Though I’m still hoping to hit MHz with dual cpus using my Koolance at the default voltage They are at least on Rev 4.

ASUS A7MD Dual Athlon Motherboard

In other words, they say it works and that’s about it. Originally posted by Dandy Assu Besides, who in the right mind would throw a Abit into a server. Xsus Dec 29, 4: Yes, that what i was saying about the interesting aspects of their DDR usage. While they were playing with the Thunder, i was playing with the MSI Sun Dec 30, 9: Here’s a pic of the WA-2A: I’ll believe that the Abit is targeted at servers when I see it.


Since the A7MD doesn’t have true core voltage adjustment you can adjust vCore, but only for one CPUthere will only be so much overclocking potential with this motherboard. Gigabyte, Iwill and Epox have better specs. Asus A7MD Dually 34 posts. I guess because Abit wasn’t up to the task of designing a board from scratch.

Im tellin you, the Abit will be an Enthusist board. You think businesses actually put Abit boards in servers? Sun Dec 30, The Abit WA-2A is a server board; according to Abit’s own representatives, it is not an enthusiast board. Jul 21, Posts: Apr 21, Posts: I definitely see this as a bad move on the part of Asus.

ASUS A7M – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – AMD Overview – CNET

So yes, i have experience with the MSI. Axatax Ars Praefectus Registered: Sat Dec 29, Who’s to say if the extra day’s work just a guess taken out to allow FSB adjustments would’ve made a difference to overall board stability and polish, it’d be nice for them to make a show of it though Nov 13, Posts: RonL Ars Praetorian Registered: Dinglehoser Ars Tribunus Militum Tribus: More like an overpriced paper weight which inhibited overclocking.


According to Asus’s page right herethe A7MD is