Both display hinges seem to have a sufficient size and allow a precise opening angle adjustment but could do with a bit more tension in, especially, a closed state. Opening the display lid without leaving any marks on the display lid is almost impossible. Rendering online content will likely be the most frequent contact point with the issue HD. No assignee Edit question Last query: Also, the popular tool Eeectl denied its duty in the N. Please check with your supplier for exact offers.

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Unfortunately, the keyboard in our prototype had the strong tendency to yield in the left and right halves’ center and even to clatter at a slightly more vigorous stroke.

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Otherwise, you’ll also find the netbook typical three USB ports distributed on the left and right side edges and, thanks to Ion, the HDMI port on the case’s left, but not quite optimal in the front area. The result should be within a similar field in the Asus. A further difficulty is that the CPU doesn’t support Speedstep and therefore runs with the full 1. The practical WLAN surf test with maximum display brightness and enabled energy savings mode, the N reaches a good minutes in calling up the most different websites.

On Tue, Jul 19, at 8: Asus has now obviously found its line in view of design.

The maximum given volume is satisfactory, but the sound isn’t. I have no idea where to begin to debug this problem. However, the chip supports 64 bit applicationswhich also distinguishes it from both other mentioned single-core competitors.


This drives the power consumption without the user doing anything up to That way I never have any problems. The heating up of the chassis stays within limits in every operating mode. No idea how to do that? 11201n recommend that you check with your local dealers for the specifications of the products available in your country.

The Atom chip can use its whole strength first in the multi-core rendering test.

Unfortunately, the keyboard in our prototype potentially deflected evidently in the left and right halves’ center under pressure and even made a clattering noise at typing. Average display brightness and glare surface prevent outdoor use. Keyboard As already mentioned in the beginning, especially the keyboard benefits from the Eee PC’s size gain. Additionally, fine scratch marks, as they frequently occur at packing and unpacking, can quickly blemish the notebook if you’re not careful enough in this regard.

Asus N and HDMI? no sound – Canadian TV, Computing and Home Theatre Forums

Various functions volume, display brightness, WLAN, It’s capable of a few extended gestures, such as zooming and scrolling by using two fingers. In particular, the reflective display surface has to be listed here, as so often, which annoys with reflections both indoors, as well as outdoors in auxio light conditions.

Unfortunately, the interface has been placed in the very front left area, which could get annoying especially for lefties.


Video und Gaming Performance. Even if opinions vary here and there, Ion’s purpose is less that of making mini-gaming-machines possible but rather more to speed up the increasingly tenacious emergence of HD contents also on devices with an average CPU performance. We admit, the games above already let even strong multimedia notebooks with according settings stagger; less demanding games are more appropriate for the netbook category as to suitability.

Perhaps one more note about the color.

how to configure the HDMI-out on Asus 1201N EEE PC?

If you compare the SuperPi benchmark results single thread xudiothe excitement in view of CPU is kept within a limit. The single keys, in chiclet design, turn out quite small in view of their stroke surface of 14×14 millimeters.

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

A good workmanship can be ascribed to the Eee N with exception of the keyboard unit. The N is just as an interesting option as other Ion platforms for video fans among “heavy surfers”.

The case in the typical seashell design presents itself as very compact and shows a good stability. I get a great picture but no sound.