Snapshot Preset Recall Hitting the Presets button on the Control Panel activates the Presets window, which lets you save an unlimited number of screen shots to recall at any time later. However, to run Sonar I upgraded the machine and the OS. All three share a commitment to great sound, great quality, and great value. The only issue I’ve got now is I cannot switch between the control screens for the two cards without closing the AARK manager between switches. Be sure to disable the Aardvark card using device manager before installing Sonar 4, and then re-enable it and restart your system, or your Sonar installation will fail.

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I never had these problems with S3 and the LX WDM and ASIO would cause the exact error reports and even if I got it working on those drivers the next time Aardvark fired it up I would not start the audio engine and would either show the aark as not there or in use with another program.

There are no other sound cards installed. Thanks for listening – Let’s Dance to the rhythm of life!

The Control Panel is laid out just like a mixer and functions almost exactly as if you had a small mixer sitting next to your computer. There is a support group on the topic prob a Yahoo Group where I read of this problem.

Aardvark and Sonar 4

It seems that this subject is being discussed, can somebody give me a clear consolidation of this discuss? To stay informed I read most of the gear magazines as well xardvark spend a lot of time on Internet newsgroups, and one name makes a regular appearance among those who appreciate quality – Aardvark.


This system gives you the flexibility to record direct to your computer without a mixer and all the messy cables. The input trim found at the top of each mixer strip on the Software Control Panel provides up to 75dB gain on the mic inputs.

If so, try disabling aarvvark it in the control panel, and verify that all of your Aark settings are good from the Aark manager. I’d take this a step further and put your drives in removable trays, and also ghost to a second hard drive so if you encounter problems with the OS drive dying, you can just swap out drives and continue.

Bladefish Max Output Level: Hello netstat I find that maybe the Aardvark 7. I wish Aark would have stayed in biz because the card he has is a good one if it had driver support. None of them really fit the bill as well.

I wish my lawn was emo East of Santa Monica Status: Restart the service; this should do it. View More Photo Galleries. User Control Panel Log out. This is particularly aardvagk when you need to change the patch bay settings or the input levels for different studio sessions. That is what I get.

AArdvark Direct pro 24/96 sonar 7 | Cakewalk Forums

I have the 7. The headphone gain is easily adjustable via the DSP software, which also sardvark the real-time mixing of 10 channels to help you create the perfect mix. I enjoyed the logical layout and was able to connect the USB3 to my laptop without opening the manual always the best test of a good design. Had to run 98se to get around this.


AArdvark Direct pro 24/96 sonar 7

Are there no WDM drivers for this thing? You can also aardavrk to audition the effects individually with the effects bypass feature. However, to run Sonar I upgraded the machine and the OS.

Spammers use automated search engines that look for email addresses on the web, and in the short time you’ve been on here, I bet you’ve already been added to a few lists.

If you’re looking for an audio card for your computer, forget SoundBlaster – go Aardvark! Aardvark’s old website was aardvark-pro.

Aardvark Computer Recording under $

Plus, they’re all easy to plug into your home computer for recordings that sound like they were done in a pro studio setting. Given its pro-quality sound, ease-of-use, portability, steel-case construction, and built-in monitoring, the USB3 is an ideal solution not just for home-studio tracking but also for field recording of music, voice, or sound effects.

If I remember correctly, if you used the latest and ultimate version of drivers you had nothing but problems with Sonar and XP. Forums Posts Latest Posts.