This software also allows you to set the response time of double-clicking. But, as what we know, this is depend on you bro. How about XL7 series? Feb 18 , The second compartment has the keyboard itself, and this comes in a white cardboard sleeve inside which is a bubble wrap casing all around. Why choose the A4Tech? Its using infra RED induction technology.

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A4tech gt 1 year warrenty. The first, on the left, has the accessories.

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Look at all my stars!! A4Tech Philippines is a customer oriented company that is dedicated to fulfilling the satisfaction of the customers. Home About Acknowledgements and Contributions Contact. So they developed a piece of software to help demonstrate the overall response time for keystrokes for their keyboards with the LK technology relative to other keyboards. I use this model amost half year already until now it doesn’t give me any trouble. It is fairly thin and braided in a black and red sleeving, in 1.


These have a textured finish as well and are easier on the fingers when using them often- gaming, for example. Very lasting and can stand beatings.

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Included advanced software of mouse allows to assign many functions to each of 6 buttons, set the DPI from tosave macros and profiles and polling rate. They do sell A4tech stuffs.

Subscribe to Thermal Bench for all the new articles. Normally for gaming mouse, mostly is set at Hz, where this means your pc need only 1ms to detect your movement: Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Mar 28 Bora Bora, Faanui, French Polynesia. Show posts by this member only Post 1. Forum Announcement New Registrations disabled until further notice.

Keyboard is made from high quality materials to ensure durability and resistance to light damage.

If it ain’t, no matter how many posts you put up, it’ll still not work. On the back we see rubber pads on the four corners, and then we also have two rubber feet which are a light red in color and can be raised to angle the keyboard:. The wireless versions have a 2. This was not surprising in that the actual processing of the keystroke is done digitally similar to most other keyboards, and the only differentiator here is the Cherry MX 6.


Feb 20 U can try Vextex Distribution Pte. Not bad, Bloody, not bad at all. A very good price.

This is the model that I use. November 18, 0 Comment. Bro, are you telling me that Logitech mouse are silent????? All mouse in the market are using microswitch just a matters of diff sources from diff manufacturer May 17 In nickel we trust.

This being said, if you are not a fan of linear switches- especially heavier linear switches- then you will be glad to know that Bloody has Lightstrike Blue and Lightstrike Red switches coming up soon as Lightstrike 2 switches vs the LK Black which was Lightstrike 1.