Everything is on full on x G13 and logitech dinovo with rat 7 mouse on win 7. I have requested a refund thru Steam but so far they are giving me the usual BS. Can’t use my razor hydra. Problem after problem, Ubisoft. So the game is playable but the maxed DX11 graphics look awful. I am using Logitech G and Razor Lycosa. Running Windows 7 bit.

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A4tech keyworks office driver – Free Download –

The keys do not work and the keyboard identifier utility from System Preferences does not recognize it. Apart from a multitude of other issues posted elsewherethe main and worst problem is that I cannot even move my soldier at all as it won’t accept either keyboard Keywoeks controls or movement from my wired Xbox controller.

But atleast i found a workaround.

Very annoying but not as much as not being able to look around. There are more things that can be mis-soldered or otherwise messed up in the manufacturing process when you’ve got more parts, so the chance of a dead-on-arrival mouse is higher.

A4 Tech Mouse / Keyboard Drivers Download

Including Logitech and Microsoft’s recent cordless efforts, which when I reviewed them managed something like 50Hz and 35Hz, respectively. Hope this helps some people, if not look for another joystick device in device manager that the game might be translating as an xbox controller and disable that.


Also great fun waiting for it for a long time, Thx Ubisoft. I did remove my SLI Bridge and Removed all my drivers and reinstalled them using one card for video and one as a PhysX card but is still did the same thing. Using an old Windows keyboard keywogks a Macbook Ask Question.

Forgive me if this has been mentioned in the previous pages but I found a way to reduce mouselag. WASD and no mouse in game. Save it kryworks your computer. Obviously extremely poor PC quality assurance, it’s totally unacceptable to release a game in this state!

It’s an easy keyboard to get used to. I want this fixed within the next two days or I want my money back, no other options! So I think A4 can be forgiven for not making the thing rechargeable.

They just aimed at the console market and bungled a pc-version together after they had drinks after the release off the console version!!!!!

In gameplay however, the only keys on the keyboard that the game responds to are Ctrl, Shift, and Esc. I noticed only a few load when I use my Guest account. That’s good, but it leaves me scratching my head about what the advantage of this system’s meant to be.


If you don’t move the mouse again, it’ll keep drawing 21mA until the two minute sleep timer cuts in, and then it’ll drop to a bit less than 0. What the hell happened with this release?

I am using a Logitech G5 mouse.

I would really like it if the xbox controller or gamepad function to have an inverted option in the menus. It’s a normal opto-mechanical ball unit, without rechargeable batteries.

A4Tech Keyboards — drivers

Nostromo Razer is working to Having issues with Mouse. Windows 7 Home Premium bit 6. Playing on Vista x64 Admin account. I think we all have enough here for a class action suit. MS Intellimouse Explorer 3. I’ve tried the workarounds in the OP to no avail.

hardware – Using an old Windows keyboard on a Macbook – Ask Different

I believe both the company that bought pre order. Me too, this sucks as I’ve just bought then downloaded the game, then a huge patch and yet no mouse. Some work some don’t. A verry anoying problem.